Spring 2023

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The objective of this project was to research three historical social movements (Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Chibok's Bring Back Our Girls, Black Lives Matter), determine a common theme that these three movements share, and to design a typographic poster series that represents and honors these movements to promote a fictitious event. 
Research & Brainstorming
After researching these movements, which included their origins, contributions, and influence on the world, I developed a theme to effectively communicate the importance and impact of the three movements. 
The theme of this project was "unSEEN". With this theme, my goal was to create complexity and contrast in my posters to enable the audience to better understand the common purpose and “deep hunger” of these social movements.
This theme inspired me to create the best stylistic approach and typographic methods for my posters.
Analog Exploration & Ideation
Through my sketches and ideations, I explored different methods of using opacity, proximity, fragmentation, and paradox in order to communicate my theme of being "unSEEN". 
I started by "free playing" - using letter stickers and printed out sheets of text and used analog techniques by using sandpaper, layering, and cutting the text to create complex typography to serve as the main image of my posters. ​​​​​​​
From here I used the techniques to begin developing my first poster of the three, which was for the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.
Final Iterations
After completing the poster for the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, I applied the same techniques and style to the remaining two posters.
I used halftones to add different levels of opacity and texture to my typography. This techniques helped me visually communicate the theme of being "unSEEN". 
Final Posters
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